Frisky Masters Private Limited accommodates marketing services overall by absolute data retrieval facilities. Utmost organizations nowadays are craving facilitation in operating their services easily. Considering that Frisky Master Private Limited perceives your whole demand to create a successful business. We facilitate you providing the ideal consumer-focal specialist and their focused answers that assist you to enlarge you’re receiving back of expenditure in the precise period. Our company’s upgraded habits can ensure your business protection in addition to overall growth.

Frisky Master Private Limited information experts, with long during customer dealing, have assisted industries to work with rich final data solutions. Consequently, the company is an innovation of lots of scholar’s combination to set a single aim which is appropriate to create victorious dealings. The efficient service providers not only provide services to machinery industries, furthermore they cater their proficiency to clients from various industries.

Our company proposes you the recent business strategies through web, investigations, and superb data techniques because; we possess the expertise of the technical forepart. And our experts can bring to you the greater developed and modern data understanding and primary data pushing services, perceptions and market analysis.

With the assistance of Frisky Master’s extravagant technology collaborated procedures, data related techniques, and expanded Data-Operate Marketing facilities, the consumer can be quite certain to reach your business targets whenever they want.



Our vision is to make the world free from fraud marketing service holder and unauthenticated clients. Our vision is to have every type of client’s satisfaction and faith by honest and improved tools. Customer’s permanency by quality services will assure our success.


We are here to cease your marketing trouble with extra time and fake customers. You can have us in any situation to introduce your final goods to the customers who are already panging in search of the genuine and permanent market. We are updated organized by researches and experiences to serve the clients with recent technologies.



Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) really serious about takes care of web pages or full websites in to mature them as search engine affectionate. We can assure them in having upper places in search results

Email Marketing

Now with the help of a single e-mail, you can authenticate your bulk customer database to potential and permanent one. Our company creates the owning sincerely collected information such as the service designation, organizations to manufacture, profit and loss, place of industry and a variety.

Event Email List

The event invitation email is one of the most important email campaigns you can send to increase the effectiveness of your events

SMS Marketing

Through our SMS marketing services, client’s SMS can be circulated in a huge market to pass on information, generating enthusiasm, and give rise to brand appreciation through the text message services.

Lead Generations

Lead Generation Service assists in growth sales profit, in organizing particular analysis and in increasing business opportunity


By outbound Lead Generation, we send transmit or effort of messages out at a target audience, without thinking of what they are inclined or not.


By Inbound Lead Generation we grip, put in, and rejoice people to develop a business that serves honor and fabricate faith.


Frisky Masters is home to the dedicated and positive. The company believes in harnessing one’s potential and does its best to cultivate a professional, vibrant, and motivating culture among its people to ensure one’s growth both inside and outside the workplace. We are always looking for people who are up for the challenge of the Marketing industry.

If you are interested, please mail us the applications for :

  • Lead Generation
  • Business Development Executive
  • Digital Marketing Executive


Frisky Masters Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore